Sounds crazy doesn’t it, build a 37-foot steel yacht in your back yard? Well that’s what I have been doing part-time for the past eight years. I think for everyday working people the idea of owning a significant size yacht is something of a dream, it certainly was and still is for me. That said, these days you can pick up a used yacht that either needs work, or somebody else’s project that needs finishing, relatively cheaply. But for real dreamers like me the dream is a whole lot more when you create that dream from the ground up.

For anyone who is thinking of doing the same, think about it long and hard first! It’s a huge commitment and takes a very long time if working weekends and vacation time only. Anyway, if this is something you might be thinking of doing, remember there are a lot of people out there like me who have already started or completed that journey, so feel free to engage, ask questions and get help wherever you can! Cheers, Gaz.